Gun Cleaner World
Why Gun Cleaner World ?

  • How many times do we have to clean our weapons and the products that protect do not clean and those that clean are corrosive to our weapons, turning something quick and simple into something slow and difficult?

  • We know that our weapons get dirty with use, that cleaning them prolongs their life and their excellent performance.

  • The Gun Cleaner World & Goodshoot team set to work to create a new concept for cleaning and caring for your gun

  • How does Gun Cleaner World work?
    It is a mixture of mineral oils and silicone bases that are the ones that lubricate, protect and make the film water repellent, it also incorporates volatile compounds that will descale and dilute gunpowder, rust, plastics and adhered metals.


  • Only by spraying the area to be cleaned, leaving it to act for 15 minutes, removes both gunpowder residue, plastic, grease, lead and metallic remains.
  • A cotton cloth is passed over smooth surfaces and a metal brush plus a cotton brush on barrels and shocks.
  • On the part of the wood silicone rubber foam pass a cotton cloth and in the wood chopping area we will help ourselves with a toothbrush in the chopping area
  • Fast and easy


  •  With the same product it is sprayed and creates a small film that greases all the moving areas with high performance.


  • With the same powdered film for greasing when drying, it creates a water-repellent film and thus the oxidation and deterioration of the weapon.